Sushi Bar at Eigiku

Japanese owned and operated family business. Owned by Morishita family, been in restaurant business in Little Tokyo for over 60 years. Prior to WWII, ran various food establishments in the early 1900's. Family moved back to Japan during WWII to avoid persecution. Started Eigiku restaurant in Little Tokyo in the 1950's and served the area thru 1987. In 1966, Eigiku restaurant opened the 2nd sushi bar in America. (Kawafuku being the first)

During the 1980's, opened Seafood-Sushi Eigiku in Santa Monica Place across the street from the now Promenade. Currently we have two restaurants. Sushi Go 55 and Izakaya Haru Ulala (a Japanese style tavern/pub where people eat small dishes and drink) on 2nd Street near Central in Little Tokyo.

Sushi chef

Our highly skilled chefs all come from Japan with over 80 years of combined experience. They take pride in serving you real authentic sushi. We've taken the best chefs from top sushi restaurants and put them in Little Tokyo. Sushi chefs from Best of Citysearch winner Sushi Tenn and the former local favorite Hamakawa are now part of the Sushi Go 55 family.

Winner - 2005, 2008 Sushi Pioneer Award

Best Sushi - 2005 Best of Citysearch

Best Sushi - 2006 LA Downtown News Editor's Choice

Best Sushi - 2010 Official Best Of (Downtown Sushi of LA Metropolitan Area)

Featured on KABC-TV, and Canada's CBC-TV

Sushi Go 55